Automotive driving belts: what do you need to know about them? Types and varieties

The first belt drive appeared a long time ago. Since that moment, it has gone a long way of development and improvement. The belt transmission was repeatedly upgraded, which allowed each time to increase its productivity and service life.

Automotive belts due to the use of innovative materials and the improvement of their internal structure have become extremely effective devices. Their main advantages are a significant reduction in the cost of production, a reduction in mass, without losing the power of the engines.
Types of car belts

1) frictional
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How to operate an air conditioner

When starting an air conditioner with an inverter mechanism, the power it works on reaches its maximum degree until the desired temperature is reached. When this is achieved, an internal thermostat automatically informs the variable performance compressor of the device, reducing its operating speed without stopping it.
In other words, the outdoor unit does not stop completely operating, but adjusts its operation according to the room temperature conditions, operating continuously to the minimum level to maintain the temperature already achieved. As a result of this operation, it is saving the electricity consumed by the air conditioner, but delivering the highest possible output.
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Cooling liquid leak from the machine: what to do

That anti-freeze is one of the most common losses on cars. Refrigerant (or antifreeze) is a liquid that usually has a greenish color. Sometimes it is of a bright orange or pink color. It is also a bit sticky, between your fingers gives the feeling of a viscous liquid.

If a coolant (or anti-freeze) is detected from the engine of your car, the wise move is to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water runs around the engine during use, avoiding overheating, so a neglected loss can mean serious trouble to the engine and to your wallet. In the end, in fact, the radiator and the liquid tank will remain dry and this will lead to the destruction of the engine.

Although finding a coolant leak can be difficult, there are still few places to look at immediately:
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Retro Dresses 2017

The first thing I have to mention about fashion dresses 2017, which will add to the image of femininity, uniqueness and tenderness. These are retro dresses that will best help to achieve this effect. The most famous masterpieces of designers from different ages will be important.

For example, from the thirty to us the elegance of beautiful and charming dresses appeared. Seventy long dresses, often found in Valentino’s collection, are tenderness and lightness in silhouettes and fabrics. And those who feel nostalgic for the extravagant ninety, can create their own fashion image by trying a retro dress with three-dimensional shoulders. The modern fashion dress, which has some or more details of itself in recent years, will show a romantic mood, a desire to be feminine and chaste.

Fashionable retro dresses 2017
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The reason for the extinction of Neanderthals was … clothes

Neanderthals are representatives of the hominid family of the human race, extinct about 40,000 years ago. For a long time, Neanderthals were considered the ancestors of modern humans, but genetic studies have shown that Neanderthals are a separate evolutionary branch that lived in the same time as homo sapience.

But a reasonable person could live to this day and populate the entire planet, and the Neanderthal man does not. Scientists still can not come to a common opinion, what caused the disappearance of this species. Among the main candidates is the epidemic brought by the intelligent man migrating from Africa, the cooling of the climate, assimilation with homo sapience and even the interspecific war of extermination, the victors out of which our ancestors came out.
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Has within a strong steel frame, which is not subject

Stiffness of the structure. Distractions, “games” and is deprived of any kind of movable or articulated connections. In a simplified form, the lifting gate can be represented as a rigid plate.
Support of the resistor. Practically, all gates are closed electromechanical locking, steel does not open the door 2 mm, the door with the opener, so often with other products occur, but a complex trajectory of the door leaf will not allow the passage to open, means “crushing” inside either through the cable to the outside.
Balanced design. There are no elements in the lifting and tilting door, such as a preloaded spring that supports the blade (opposite the lift and sectional door). The balance and the load reduction are achieved by a balanced counterweight in the design.
A reliable chain drive with a 5-fold safety factor.
Excellent thermal insulation. Materials such as mineral wool or expanded polystyrene are not used in the manufacture of the gate. For the best results with polyurethane foam sprayed target cavity covered in the process of manufacture, which has excellent thermal and sound insulation, with excellent adhesion material prevents subsequent corrosion thickness gate iznutri.Minimalnaya application foam (PUF) is 50 mm
In the open state, they do not consume any space outside and inside the room
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English language courses: teaching methods

The modern market of English courses offers both traditional and alternative teaching methods. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

1. Classical or level method. Training is based on the principle of dividing the material into six levels (from Beginner to Advanced). This approach is considered the most effective, because a student can devote sufficient time to all aspects of the language. He will learn how to freely express his own thoughts, speak without a significant accent, correctly write and perceive the speech of the interlocutor. Typically, for the passage of one level requires from 3 to 9 months of hard work. Therefore, you will be able to learn English practically from scratch in 2-2.5 years.
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