Begovel: What is this?

Cycling is one of the favorite activities of children of any age. But to learn to keep balance during the journey, the baby will take some time. To quickly master this occupation, you can buy a kid runaway – a small vehicle for younger preschoolers. Outside, the run is very similar to a two-wheeled bike, but it has no pedals. To get going, you have to get started
What is needed for the fugitive

Begovel is a pretty popular vehicle for children. It’s a bicycle on two wheels, but without pedals. I was able to teach the child a bicycle ride, and introduce him into the exciting and colorful world of speed. He is able to teach the child the balance and coordination of movements. The device is easy enough, so it’s pretty easy to wear if the baby is tired of driving and wants to change their activities.

Runovel is sure and quickly teaches the children how to ride a bike or rather keep their balance. It also saves money, and its seat is adjustable in height, and when the baby grows begovel will “grow” with him, allowing him not to spend money on a new bike.

Some parents will say buying a fugitive is irrational and you can buy a normal three-wheeled bike. But the thing is that this device helps the child learn to maintain balance. The big advantage is that it happens safely sooner, when the child is actively and quickly and absorbs all the knowledge he is given.

Begovel does not have additional pedals or wheels, which is why it is an excellent option to teach the child to balance. Too large wheels do not prevent the acceleration of a huge speed, which makes transport of children a safe means of transport. If the child is frightened and can not maintain his balance, he can always stop, putting his feet on the ground. After the children have learned to ride a pedalless bicycle, they are able to pedal the bicycle without difficulty.

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