Has within a strong steel frame, which is not subject

Stiffness of the structure. Distractions, “games” and is deprived of any kind of movable or articulated connections. In a simplified form, the lifting gate can be represented as a rigid plate.
Support of the resistor. Practically, all gates are closed electromechanical locking, steel does not open the door 2 mm, the door with the opener, so often with other products occur, but a complex trajectory of the door leaf will not allow the passage to open, means “crushing” inside either through the cable to the outside.
Balanced design. There are no elements in the lifting and tilting door, such as a preloaded spring that supports the blade (opposite the lift and sectional door). The balance and the load reduction are achieved by a balanced counterweight in the design.
A reliable chain drive with a 5-fold safety factor.
Excellent thermal insulation. Materials such as mineral wool or expanded polystyrene are not used in the manufacture of the gate. For the best results with polyurethane foam sprayed target cavity covered in the process of manufacture, which has excellent thermal and sound insulation, with excellent adhesion material prevents subsequent corrosion thickness gate iznutri.Minimalnaya application foam (PUF) is 50 mm
In the open state, they do not consume any space outside and inside the room

Are made individually under each opening (as much as possible exact match with the sizes)
Easily automated (electrified), but can also be used in manual mode
A variety of possibilities for varnishing and finishing – lining, vinyl side cover, corrugated board. It does not matter how you decide to decorate your own gates – this does not affect the rigidity and reliability of the design.

Why do not we recommend decorating the gate with a tree? The fact is that the tree has the property of changing the mass as a function of the moisture, and the difference between the winter and autumn weight of the gate leaf can be very significant. Tilt gate with a counterbalancing system is designed to balance the blade only for a given mass of the blade when the compensating mechanism is placed back on the additional load

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