The reason for the extinction of Neanderthals was … clothes

Neanderthals are representatives of the hominid family of the human race, extinct about 40,000 years ago. For a long time, Neanderthals were considered the ancestors of modern humans, but genetic studies have shown that Neanderthals are a separate evolutionary branch that lived in the same time as homo sapience.

But a reasonable person could live to this day and populate the entire planet, and the Neanderthal man does not. Scientists still can not come to a common opinion, what caused the disappearance of this species. Among the main candidates is the epidemic brought by the intelligent man migrating from Africa, the cooling of the climate, assimilation with homo sapience and even the interspecific war of extermination, the victors out of which our ancestors came out.

A group of researchers from the Simon Fraser Institute in Canada made a statement that they found a new possible cause of extinction of Neanderthals. True, if to be completely objective, this reason is directly related to the cooling of the climate, not already mentioned by a number of scientists. It turns out that the blame was the banal absence of Neanderthals warm clothes, caused by the poor development of crafts.
Probably, the Neanderthal zones were strongly affected by the coming climate cooling

The information on the found artifacts in the places of parking of ancient people and Neanderthals was studied. As it turned out, human settlements have one distinctive feature: during excavations around them, a large number of remains of fur-bearing animals are always found, the skins of which are most likely used to make primitive clothes. Moreover, in the camps of homo sapience find devices that can be interpreted as simple tools for embroidering. At the same Neanderthal site, such findings are rare, which casts doubt on the ability of this species to make clothes for themselves. Perhaps Neanderthals could not use fur animals to make clothes for some religious reasons. Other ways to do warm things, except how to use the skins of killed animals, hominids in those days did not know.

However, according to the scientists themselves, the data they use need additional analysis: there are big doubts that archaeological records include the correct number of remains of both animals and primitive instruments. However, the conducted study nevertheless makes a version of the death of Neanderthals because of the cooling of the climate is preferable.

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