We update the men’s wardrobe

“To dress up” your beloved, or, in other words, to update his men’s wardrobe – this is not an easy task for almost every woman. First of all, because men desperately resist attempts to invade their closet. Therefore, a woman who wants to teach her chosen one to dress beautifully must act very carefully and tactfully.

1. The first step is to put things in order. In the wardrobe of your men can be stored just mountains of old sweaters, worn T-shirts and sports pants with protruding knees. The natural impulse of any woman is to throw away all this stuff. In no case should not this be done, otherwise you can not avoid a showdown with your faithful. As an option – hand over absolutely unfit stuff to the storage of his mother (if she, of course, does not live on the floor below) or take her to the dacha. A man will know that his favorite things are intact and they can always be returned. But they will not go after them any more.

2. Be sure to praise your loved one if his men’s wardrobe is replenished with a good thing. The exclamation “You look great in this shirt!” And the hot kiss that followed him will work for the man better than any persuasion. And next time he will put on this shirt himself, and if he buys a new one, he will choose a thing of a similar style and style.

3. Do not try to “dress up” your man at one time – in this case, quarrels and scandals can not be avoided. Act gradually and better start with minor, in the male view, details. Give your choice of a couple of quality socks or underwear, a beautiful tie or a stylish expensive belt. So you imperceptibly accustom your loved one to good things.

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