What is the color of blue in clothing?

It can prove that all the blue-and-blue shades are not yours. Try a warm scale for comparison – red, yellow, brown. If the production is not in favor of the cool blue, if you do not match the purple and purple turquoise and aqua nuances, to choose as the base other colors, then love them blue accessories.

And do not forget, if the color is not “to face”, the blue skirt or pants can also create a perfect set with a blouse or jacket being your “color”.
What does blue fit with?

Blue and white. A classic combination. Closed blue suit, with a white blouse will appear at the same time retained, but not as strict as the black and white combination.

Blue and orange. Orange – the main blue antagonist, is located at the opposite end of the rainbow, so it always emphasizes and separates the contrast combination. Dark orange, peach, orange in combination with blue make the image light, fresh, memorable.

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